Christmas Recipes

Christmas Recipes

Make your Christmas extra special with our fine selection of Christmas Recipes!

Here, you will find everything you need to prepare a superb Christmas fare for your family and friends.Our Christmas Recipes include traditional Christmas Pudding with Rum and Brandy Sauces, a delicious Christmas Cake recipe, tasty Mince Pies and how to make that perfect, succulent Turkey Roast with stuffing, plus a delightful recipe for Mulled Wine.

Christmas recipes have not changed a great deal in recent times, but it is interesting to note that that the Christmas Cake, for instance, was originally baked for the 12th. Night (5th. Jan.) religious festival to mark the arrival of the three Kings in Bethlehem. This festival later became a time for merry-making and over indulgence and was frowned upon by Queen Victoria, who decided to ban the 12th. Night as a religious feast-day. Bakers were then faced with losses and began promoting their cakes by decorating them with snowy scenes, covering them with white icing, etc., and these were sold during the Christmas festivities, as they are today.

A Christmas recipe which has undergone some considerable change is the Christmas Pudding, which began as a means of preserving meat, by combining it with fruits and spices, all kept in pastry cases. (Mince Pies were also an off-shoot from this method of preservation.) The meat was eventually phased out and the dish then remained as a rich sweet pudding.

Before the roast turkey became popular, there were some old Christmas Recipes which you will not find here - like roast peacock or swan!! These were reserved for the rich, while the poorer people enjoyed goose, cockerel or bustard.

We are sure that our tasty selection of easy to follow Christmas Recipes will delight your guests and create the perfect traditional Christmas atmosphere. Just add the Christmas Crackers!
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